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Created by Lucie Boulay [Studio Lido 2005], directed by Christian Coumin cowritten with Lucie Boulay and Daniel Masson - Stage management : Thomas Maréchal and Arnaud Mignon (alternately) – Puppet creation: Johanna Ehlert

Pétule, half woman, half puppet, enters into the ring to perform her antiheroic ballerina act. She is a rather rustic and worn-out tightrope artist but she is headstrong and the living proof that everyone is allowed a moment of glory. Pétule dances in a cheeky and carefree way. She swings with humour and poetry and you'll be surprised how she can make you believe she’s real.

VIDEO 3 mn

Duration : 12 minutes

Suitable for all audiences

Pétule: Photo © Raphaël Kann