Court-Miracles / Short-Miracles

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Creation Studio Lido 2006 - Collective creation directed by Christian Coumin, cowritten by Loïc Apard, Lucie Boulay, Johanna Ehlert et Matthieu Siefridt.

With Lucie Boulay ou Ruth Steinthal (alternatly), Matthieu Siefridt, Loïc Apard or Dominique Habouzit (alternatly), Johanna Ehlert or Rauni Koskinen (alternatly), – Composer and live pianist : Daniel Masson - Stage management : Thomas Maréchal - Sound engineer : Julien Bordais, Tour manager : Bob Mauranne

The guard, the nurses and the wounded persons have survived, temporarily, to the war which is continuing not far from there. They do their best to organize their survival, day after day. Incomers are registred, some legs are splited, rats-catching are organanised and survivors create an little orchestra.
As it’s necessary to live, puppets and human beings become entangled to speak, funnily and humanity, about monstrousness, about heroism and about cowardice.

Duration : 70 minutes -  For all audience, ages 7 and up (school groups, ages 8 and up) 

Technical Brief - English

Court-Miracles / Photographie © Raphaël Kann